FUNberry The idea to offer our product to the market was born while watching the demand for healthy food that grows year on year in Lithuania and Europe. We realized that the number of consumers who, when buying the products made from berries expect that they are made from berries and have no artificial sweeteners and smell boosters, is constantly growing.

For this reason our products has just two ingredients - berries and sugar. And, the share of berries is not less than 80 percent of the entire volume.

Another feature that makes our products exceptional is that they are “hand-made only” – from the first touch while picking berries on the fields till very final pouring to the packing vessels.

We do not use any electric or mechanical equipment or devices in the production process. Our jams are made from berries grown in Lithuania only and we are very careful in selecting them from the Lithuanian farmers.

Our products can be used in many ways – from a filling for home-made confectionary and bakery products, sauces to meat, cream-cheese and flour products to the preparation of berry morse or cocktails. It also can be used to prepare a sorbet.

Parents should not hesitate about giving our products to their children.

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